About ME

Farah nakkour

Hello! Salut!

I am Farah (فرح) or Joy in English, welcome to”My Hub”.

The Perfectionist is my personality; it is good know who you really are, what you love, and what you don’t in order to be happy. I believe true Happiness comes from within. This is me! I am positive about every aspect of life. I like creative outlet, Art, Travel, Yoga, Sport, and Cooking. I am here to share my humble knowledge with Joy and passion; I will create content for your enlightenment and pleasure; Stories, Creative minds, Health and Fitness, Personal development, Relationship advises and other stuff.

Thank you for viewing my blog. Let’s connect on more platforms.

I am glad you were able to change your life with just a new way of thinking. Thank you for giving me the same passion to make… Read more “Reine N.”

Reine N.