Graph Of Life…

What is the meaning of life for you? Did you find the purpose of your existence? Are you satisfied with your life?

I admit that this is a deep and vast topic and I can imagine that every one of us may propose different answers to these questions. Why? Simply because every individual has their own perspective, thinks and sees things in a different way. Every individual has their unique story, their different background and own path. Definitely when asked, they will think and respond in their mind’s eye based on lifetime experience.

Life is a game

Yes, I see life as a game, we came here for a purpose and we have a mission to accomplish… You start the game; obviously you are going to have some challenges, meet enemies or haters, and it may not be a solo player game, so you and your partner will be both facing barriers and difficulties. Without doubt, you will make mistakes and you will get better and succeed in making progress. However, you will be moving from level to level and you will feel happier as much as nice things happen…

That’s it…The only difference between life and a video game is that if you suffer in real life there is no option to quit and start from scratch again and again to master life. This is not possible, you can’t go back. You have given this life as a gift and you have much time and many chances to learn from your crash and do another attempt and another one to reach your goals. And if you have recognized here that i didn’t use the world ‘failure’; for me there is no failure, it is part of the game and certainly you can’t have everything in one breath.

Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs. The Trick Is To Enjoy The Ups And Have Courage During The Downs.


Time is precious

I came across this video two years back and I think it is worthy to share it again. It amazed me; It throws light upon the path and the time we have in our life. When I watched it, I was like observing my life from afar and saying that time is flying and we, as human beings, don’t have too much time therefore we can’t procrastinate our things anymore. Okay so now, I am 29 years old. Obviously, i am at the third of my path… Let me briefly give you an overview of how I see life. I love it. I feel more grateful and appreciative of the good things in my life even if i am not at my good state or my level of happiness and satisfaction. Since i believe that everything happens for a reason. Therefore, i encounter obstacles with my convictions and principles that life has its ups and downs, exactly as a heart rate graph. I have been practicing self-mastery to avoid ending up in the destructive or even the average state. Moreover, I learn from every person I meet in life, rather in social gathering, at work, or even in the street. They give me something I carry it with me; it could be a message, a lesson, a story, an idea, an inspiration, negative or positive habits… I love these beautiful details.

Always I ask myself: What if i didn’t have these beliefs, these interests, these hobbies? What if I was the opposite of me? How I will act then? How I will think?… Nothing wrong with any habit or believe… What I am trying to say here is that we are all equal, we have been given the time to design our life as we want. So don’t wait for that right moment to do things that make you happy. Just focus, plan and commit. It is never late to redesign your life. You live only once, but if you do it right, once is enough. So feel the grace and happiness and always stop for a while and ask yourself: What are my greatest accomplishments in life so far? And is this really what I aim for?

Time is precious

8 thoughts on “Graph Of Life…

  1. I don’t remember where I read this but it inspired me the other day : “Life is a long journey to nowhere”. I think there’s a lot of truth to it. Life doesn’t have any particular meaning. It only means what you want it to mean. It’s beautiful and frightening at the same time, isn’t it ? It’s liberating and… so wide. Almost too liberating ^_^’ Getting to pick the destination is a relief, but this also means the path is full of ups and downs and inconsistencies… anyway, thank you for sharing your view on the meaning of life 🙂 Have a great day! 😉

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