Creatives Platform Review: A Lifetime Treasure

If you have a passion and you want to share it with the world, if you have started a new blog, or if you want to grow your own business and you don’t know where to start. This program is just right for you.

A curious person like me who always seeking for self improvement, personal growth, and who loves to know more about the virtual world, definitely would like to be part of this program. A month after launching my new blog, a webinar Ad popped up on my Instagram; Creatives Platform offering 1 Hour Web-Class about branding, growing blog traffic? Hmmm, sounds interesting! I attended the webinar, I was attracted by the way Nathan and Hannah think. Got convinced and joined the community. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

Creatives Platform is a lifetime treasure!



Creatives Platform , founded by a New Zealander young couple, Nathan and Hannah. This inspiring and creative couple built this course to help individuals and business owners establish their brands, learn new approaches and everything about the online world. And i mean everything! So whether you are a business owner, coach, artist, photographer, influencer,.. This hub is very convenient for you.

They have created a FB community of more than 8000 members from all over the world. People there are able to connect and to collaborate with each other by sharing ideas, ask for advice and support. What an astonishing community!


The Creatives Platform Course includes more than six modules; Videos with Workbooks.

Through these modules, you will learn step by step everything that you need to know to start your business from scratch; Building your personal brand, marketing, social media tactics in order to reach your audience and grow your following, how to sell your products online and much more.


Personally, i highly recommend this educational hub. It changed my perspective. I have now the ability to understand any marketing term without the necessity of a Degree in this field that can cost me a lot of money and time. I encourage every individual or business owner to acquire it. Click on this link to watch a Free 1 Hour Webinar Class.

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