Where To Go Next?

Have you started planning for your next trip? Where is the first place you are going to travel when it is safe?

Despite the pandemic, most of us are eager to travel, especially to spend time with family and friends. Personally, when this time passes and things return to normal, I will get my backpack ready to explore the world while nourishing my passion for nature and adventures.

Based on a survey responses from more than 200 people that aims to know the impacts and changes caused by the lock-down on the travel cognition and our behavior; 60% are planning and ready to travel when flights get released and 40% think that it is risky to do it in the near future. So they will do more driving tourism. However, there is going to be a segment of people that are willing to jump over the plane and go overseas.

To make it short, my advice for you beautiful people, keep your negative thoughts aside, you have plenty of time to work on yourself, change your behavior, and plan wisely for the next 6 to 12 months. Be mentally ready for any obstacles in life.

Here is my list of recommended places to visit after the lock-down, I will share the picture and it will speak thousand words.

1- Ethiopia, Africa:

The Highlands of Ethiopia

2- Tbilisi, Georgia:

Tbilisi, Georgia

3- Bulgaria, Europe:

Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

4- Cappadocia, Turkey:

5-Nepal, Indian, Subcontinent:

Everest Region, Nepal

11 thoughts on “Where To Go Next?

  1. I should have been travelling in Nepal and Bhutan but never got there. Your Nepal photo was a good reminder of what’s to come.
    And thanks for following me.

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  2. Can’t wait to visit Georgia and turkey but it’ll all have to wait🙈🙈💝💝💝 Because I have uni coming up next year…hopefully for summer programs??🥳🥳💝💝 Also I absolutely loooovveddd your blog…can’t wait to read it all🥳🥳💝💝

    Liked by 1 person

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