A Generation Of Leaders..

Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World.

Nelson mandela

It is time for the world to move on to a new level of education. It is time to implement structural changes to a better future of humanity, and a new generation of leaders.

The essential place to start from is “The School”, obviously. The education level in my country, for instance, is excellent. A high school graduated student has to start from the basic to discover life for not being ready to deal with challenges and new experiences. They don’t know what to do, from where to start, what major to choose. Ended up choosing the major that is not related to their skills or their passion.

So, what are the main changes we can apply to improve the education program?

1- Schools need to put in power again their old bored programs and create new structures that enhance the value of education. Yes, due to this current global situation, schools have started with online education programs but this is neither effective, nor enough and not suitable for most of students since many families are not capable to provide their children with minimum equipment to study online (laptop, internet,..).

2- The most powerful factor in this transformation is the teacher. The teacher has a big role in making this change successful. They can’t evaluate a student performance based on his final mark only. They should be more flexible. Hence, they have to comprehend the student attitude, their personality, their hobbies, let them express themselves. The teacher should be trained to be adaptable to change. They can create discussion groups, afterwards the student here will have the ability to make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically. And will start to know how to communicate and negotiate.

3- We all know that creative classrooms in schools could make a positive mind-shift to the students; Study and learn with fun acquire new emotional and social skills that can be applied in real life: Music, outdoor activities, sport, yoga, painting, theater,.. These activities allow the student to discover their hobbies, their interests, to be more confident, to learn how to work in a group and to have a creative mind..

4- One of the major changes is to teach the student to love the nature, and to connect to earth. Guide them to take care of our environment; protect animals, how to garden, and how to reduce waste, etc…

5- Furthermore, every student needs to be prepared to the real world. Simply, few tips can ensure a good flow of knowledge of “know how”, “know why” and of skills relating to work, health, technology, management, ethics and equality,.. Parents and teachers need to establish a core vision for this vital change by educating children to boost their imagination by reading more books, train them how to behave, how to be financially independent, how to be organized, how to make a decision, how to manage, how to lead a team, how to eat healthy food, etc…

By way of conclusion, an implementation of a road map is a bare necessity to shake the education up. Let children discover themselves and follow their passion. Teach them to love learning by making them feel it, not just giving theories. Children have the right to ask and to know everything around them. We have all read many articles about education. It is time to make this change happen. Hats off to the teachers who are suffering from this old program, and still giving their hearts for the continuous learning. This article is to transmit their thoughts and point of view.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

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