Story of an Introvert Girl

If you enjoy solitude, if you have small group of friends, if you prefer writing over talking and if you always see yourself different. Then cheer up you are an Introvert.

Life is an endless process of Self-Discovery

James gardner

Do you believe that i recently came to know that Introvert is my personality? I always felt like i am the only one on the earth who feels different than people around. I have my own peaceful world. I prefer to be with myself. Yes i enjoy spending time with family, friends and beloved ones but i really find happiness and mental health when i am alone enjoying my hobbies and interest. Keeping myself busy and getting lost in thoughts is something that matters to me and i don’t consider it stressful at all.

Not everyone can understand the introvert person. Sometimes i feel frustrated when people underestimate my intelligence and strength and they may ignore my point of view because of my quiet nature. It is really hard to an introvert to express themselves and dealing in a comprehensive way with social and environmental topics. I always have the fear of saying something wrong or get misunderstood. So I prefer to listen more, talk less and just observe.

By knowing my character type, i truly understand now why I have a small group of friends. Introverts tend to have meaningful long-lasting relationships, so they choose quality friends. First I wondered why i don’t have too much friends like others, why I can’t express my feelings and ideas, how to be understood and let people know how i see things. It is known that when an introvert speaks, it’s almost guaranteed that they have spent many hours thinking about the subject, forming their opinions, and carefully choosing the words they wish to use. And they are experts in letting little bits of information out that are intended to pique the curiosity of someone they’re interested in. So, i finally discovered why i have the behavior of letting people know exactly what they want to know about me when I want them to know. Nothing wrong with this. this is how and who I am!

Curiosity is one of my great secret of happiness. I love dedicating myself to pursue my interest and seeking to know more about everything and every detail around me. One more thing, introverts are self aware, independent and self motivated. Yes, I have the ability to unconsciously control my mind, my mood and to boost my energy and stay motivated and happy.

Do you imagine that despite of all the calmness and innocence inside me, i am crazy and courageous? I see myself an Adrenaline Junkie. I adore doing risky adventures, i remember that day when i was in Beirut, excitedly waiting my turn to Bungee Jump at height of 120 Meters above the sea, I felt so proud and happy. Lately I did the longest Zipline on earth located at the top of the highest mountain in the UAE, It took approximately 2 minutes at speed of up to 120 kph to 150 kph at a height of 1,680 Meters.

My advice for you, my Introvert friends; not everyone can see how special and unique you are. You are a galaxy of stars wrapped in silence, a precious gift in quiet packaging.

Enjoy life to the fullest. I see life as a game, there are ups and downs. Challenge yourself to play it smartly, go out of your comfort zone. I believe that there is so much to impress and dazzle the world with. If you like to know more about yourself, check out Susan Cain‘s book, it will blow your mind! You can see it on Amazon HERE.

Being Different simply means you have something Unique to offer the world

Longest Zipline in the World-March 2020

15 thoughts on “Story of an Introvert Girl

  1. I am the opposite of you!!! Glad you find yourself and have built that up. As long as you understand yourself then you are already half way there!!! When you discovery friendship with yourself you really don’t need much else!!

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      1. “I always have the fear of saying something wrong or get misunderstood. So I prefer to listen more, talk less and just observe.”
        “You are a galaxy of stars wrapped in silence, a precious gift in quiet packaging.”

        Being an introvert myself, these words speak volumes.
        Enjoyed reading it. 😊🌸

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  2. That‘s a beautiful insight to an introvert, I myself am an extrovert, my friends and I feel absolutely blessed by the quality of my friendships, love my joy and energy and I really enjoy to spread that around and spend time with groups and so on. But humans are rarely only one extreme. It sounds you needed a while to understand and love your introvert nature. For me it was difficult because long time I had the feeling the people around me would think I‘m just my surface and I‘m totally not. I’m an open book, but with very very many pages and depth inside. It’s lovely to read how you enjoy life. Some of my closest friends are introverts and for me as an extrovert it’s sometimes difficult to know if there is reason to worry about them, because I myself get very quiet when I‘m extremely distressed. Your inner world sounds beautiful and I can definitely agree that introverts hold a beautiful treasure inside them and I‘m glad to be able to have from time to time the opportunity to take a look on some of them.
    Thank you for sharing and for following me 🙂
    God bless,
    Sandra Jeanne

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    1. Wow! Thanks Sandra for taking the time to read my story. So happy to hear from you. And yes knowing more about my personality gave me more confident and gratitude. I’ve become more excited to share this with others.. And i got a lot of feedbacks saying thank you for sharing because we have the same feeling and we don’t know how to express.😬✨ Thanks again Sandra!


  3. Beautiful post. I also used to think there is something wrong with me.. Especially in the friend circle. Like ‘why didn’t I have more friends’. But self-discovery is a long life journey. I also really loved Susan Cain’s book, very insightful.

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